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Create a living artwork in your home with this gorgeous planting frame. Living Picture Frame... more


Create a living artwork in your home with this gorgeous planting frame.

Living Picture Frame gardens are a cool way of bringing the outside in especially if you have a small flat or no garden.

Like hanging art in your home, living pictures can create a beautiful mosaic of colour by using colourful succulents.

Succulents grow slowly, have low maintenance and low water requirements. They are planted using no soil but in sphagnum moss which is lightweight and holds moisture.

Once every couple of weeks depending on conditions, remove your living picture from the wall and lay on a flat surface to water. Wait overnight until the water has been absorbed and then simply hang back on the wall.

Please note this item does not have drainage holes as it is designed to be suitable for both indoor or outside but you may wish to drill some into the back of the planter if this is to be kept outside.

Please note the plants are NOT included with the planter.

made from:

copper plated iron

All metal items when placed outside will eventually weather and rust in small areas. 


25 x 25 x 6cm


  • Fill the planting frame with Sphagnum moss ( this can be bought from garden centres/ florists  as this is also used for filling hanging baskets ) making sure that the moss is pushed well into the corners of the frame - there should be no air pockets as otherwise it will be prone to drying out 
  • Small succulents ( also bought from garden centres or florists ) can then be planted into the moss making sure that they are not loose or they will fall out when the planter is vertical on the wall 
  • When picking your succulents make sure there is a mixture of colours and shapes , this will  look much more interesting than using all of the same shape / colour 
  • Water in well making sure that the moss is nicely damp - do this when the planter is lying flat and leave do drain before mounting on the wall 
  • Mount on a wall ensuring that there is enough light - succulents need a lot of light , but too much sun will mean that they dry out quicker 
  • Mount using a screw or masonry nail - there a two holes on the back of the frame , so effectively you are hanging the frame like a picture 
  • Water by taking off the wall when the moss looks like it is drying out 
  • No feeding is required as all the nourishment is in the moss as it rots down 
  • The planting frames look better if there are a few of them next to each other , effectively creating a vertical planting wall that is currently on- trend 
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